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The Burano's Leaning Bell Tower
Burano is an island of Venice in Italy.
The Venice lagoon has many small islands just waiting to be discovered! Burano is certainly one of them: houses with brightly colours, princess laces, delicious cookies and much more!
One of the symbols of the island is the leaning tower of St. Martin's Church, built in the sixteenth century.
Attributed to the architect Andrea Tirali, who built it between 1703 and 1714, it has a square plan and is 6,20 metre wide at the bottom and 53 meters high.
Its brick cusp is surmounted by an Istrian stone which is larger than the top: this element served originally as the base for the bronze angel destroyed by the hurricane that struck the island on 25 September, 1867. It was later replaced with an iron cross.
The structure became unstable already during the construction stage, which progressed slowly until the Second World War, when an acceleration of the problem forced the City of Venice to carry out static consolidation works, which ended in 1970.
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