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Colosseum - The icon of Rome
Colosseum - The icon of Rome. The Colosseum is the main symbol of Rome. It is an imposing construction that, with almost 2,000 years of history, will bring you back in time to discover the way of life in the Roman Empire.

The construction of the Colosseum began in the year 72 under the empire of Vespasian and was completed in the year 80 during the rule of the emperor Titus. After completion, the Colosseum became the largest Roman amphitheater, measuring 188 meters in length, 156 meters in width and 57 meters in height.
The Colosseum in the Ancient Times

During the Roman Empire and under the motto of "Bread and Circuses," the Roman Colosseum (known then as the Flavian Amphitheater) allowed more than 50,000 people to enjoy its finest spectacles. Exhibitions of exotic animals, executions of prisoners, recreations of battles and gladiator fights kept the Roman people entertained for years.

The Colosseum remained active for over 500 years. The last recorded games in history were celebrated in the 6th century.

Since the 6th century, the Colosseum has been affected by lootings, earthquakes and even bombings during World War Two. Demonstrating a great survival instinct, the Colosseum was used for decades as a storehouse, church, cemetery and even a castle for nobility.
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