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Black Lake in National Park Durmitor
Black Lake lies at the foot of Međed Peak and has an area of 0.515 square km. The lake consists of two smaller lakes: Big Lake (Veliko jezero) and Little Lake (Malo jezero). The lakes are connected by a narrow strait that dries up during the summer, creating two separate bodies of water.
Big Lake has an area of 0.338 square km, maximum depth of 24.5 m, maximum length of 855 m, and maximum width of 615 m.
Little Lake has an area of 0.177 square km, maximum depth of 49.1 m, maximum length of 605 m, and maximum width around 400 m.
Black Lake is filled by numerous mountain streams, the best known being Mlin Creek. Other streams have no name because they appear periodically, when snow from Mount Durmitor is melting.
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