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 Get the best travel shot.
How many times have you seen a travel selfie posted by a friend and just thought, “Why?”

Be ready at all times.
The best selfies are the ones that are hard to capture so it’s vital to be ready to snap away at a moments notice, especially while travelling. Wild animals in safary won’t wait for you to get your setup ready – they’ll either run away.  When it comes to popular attractions it could be about snapping a photo of yourself with no other people in the background – again something you need to be ready for quickly when the opportunity arises.


How many photos upload to social networks?
Taking too many selfies isn’t a massive problem as long as they stay on your phone. It’s important to err on the side of caution when deciding whether or not your friends and followers really want to see another photo of you that hour/day. One or two shot of yourself in a stunning location per day is probably good.

Bring a travel lightweight tripod.  Also look into stability — which is essentially why you're buying a tripod in the first place. Bring to travel selfie stick. 

Use a Selfie Stick
Yes, using one may look silly. Stop caring if others see you taking travel selfies
You probably never going to see any of those random people again, anyways.
Selfie sticks are still incredibly useful for taking pictures on your own! By extending the range between the camera and the subject further than a natural human arm span, it allows the frame of the photo to be expanded. This way you’ll be able to fit more of the background into your photo and you won’t come home with a million unflattering close-up photos of yourself.



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