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Visit San Marino

Visit San Marino


San Marino is one of the smallest countries and the oldest republic in the world. For people visiting the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy, it’s a quick way to chalk up another country to their list of countries visited. San Marino is a microstate with population of 33,500. Surrounded by Italy it is the oldest existing republic in the world. According to legend, it was founded by Saint Marino in 301. Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino is the fifth smallest country in the world and after Vatican and Monaco third smallest in Europe.
It is one of the richest states with no national debt. Furthermore, it has one of the lowest unemployment and crime rates in the world. In 2011, only one prisoner was locked up in San Marino, serving time for domestic violence. He had all of the prison’s facilities to himself as well as meals from a nearby restaurant.
In 1865 this small country was the first European country to abolish the death penalty.
San Marino castle

How to get to San Marino?

Whether you are planning to visit San Marino on a day trip, or to stay overnight, your routes will likely be the same. If you are self-driving then this will likely be the easiest way, and although cars are not allowed in the historic centre itself there are some car-parks both nearby, and others further afield with buses to get you to the old town. It’s best to discuss parking options with your accommodation and heed their suggestions, especially if coming in the peak tourist months as parking isn’t exactly unlimited. As such, I’d suggest making the most of the great public transport links to get you too and from San Marino and although the buses will take you right to the top, hop out a stop earlier to take the cable car for an extra vantage point of rising to the top of Monte Titano.

San Marino

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