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Cambodia Travel Guide & Tourism

The very useful Cambodia travel guide that provides tourism information for traveling to Cambodia in Asia and it is the important Angkor guide to visit Siem Reap Angkor Wat as well as Siem Reap popular tourist attraction.

Angkor Wat

A small gorgeous home to be explored in Southeast Asia, sits between Vietnam & Thailand. Cambodia dramatically suffered from the tragic genocide between 1975-1979 which widely shocked the world and sadly processed more than 2 millions of lives in the country.

Now Cambodia is one of the best destinations in Asia, the fascinating Siem Reap is famed for its marvelous Angkor Wat, the unrivaled masterpieces & the finest architectures that makes Siem Rea become a pearl city of wonder. Distinctively, from Angkor archaeology to the modern capital city of Phnom Penh where precious Royal Palace stands, Cambodia's southern coasts & natural islands offer the perfect relaxation of beach break, unlikely northern hidden Cambodia’s specialty.

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