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Dolphin Reef, Eilat Israel. Swimming with the dolphins.

  Swimming with the dolphins.Dolphin Reef Eilat, allows you to watch dolphins in their natural environment. Only in Eilat can you get so close to dolphins, and touch, swim and dive with these amazing mammal. This is entertainment that the whole family will enjoy and remember. Dolphin Reef, is an ecological site, the grounds also feature a stunningly beautiful botanical garden and ponds. Relax in Eilat in a different atmosphere than other Eilat attractions. At the Dolphin Reef, there are activities for children, underwater photo center, restaurant, cafe and souvenir shop.

Dolphin reef beach, Eilat Israel.


  The Reef is home to a colorful array of tropical fish, beautiful coral and, most significantly, a school of bottle-nosed dolphins including babies born on the site.  It was established over twenty years ago with the vision of bringing humans closer to animals in a sensitive and respectful way.  The dolphins are not kept captive.  They live in their natural habitat and have free access to the open sea should they choose to leave.  Human intervention in their lifestyle is minimized solely to the prevention of endangerment to their existence. The Reef’s floating piers and observation points allow visitors to watch the dolphins as they maintain their daily routine – play, hunt for food, mate and care for their younger ones.  Alternatively, for a more intimate encounter with these friendly and playful creatures there is the option of guided scuba diving and snorkeling.


Dolphin reef beach, Eilat Israel


Dolphin Reef Scuba diving is available to any confident swimmer aged between 8 – 88 years old.  Previous experience is not required.  A session lasts for one hour:  Half of this time is devoted to fitting the scuba diving gear, signing the medical statement, and listening to a briefing; the other half is spent in the water with a personal instructor whereby divers will descend to a maximum depth of 6 meters. Snorkeling is available to any confident swimmer aged between 10 – 88 years old.  A session lasts for one hour:  Half of the time is devoted to fitting the equipment, signing the medical statement and listening to a briefing; the other half is spent in the water in groups of up to three persons and a guide swimming out not far from the shore but to deep waters of a depth of 14 meters.

Dolphin Reef Opening Hours:  Sunday – Thursday:  09:00 – 17:00; Friday – Saturday & Holidays:  09:00-16:30.

Directions:  From Eilat Central Bus Station take the no. 16 bus or a 10 minute taxi ride.

Dolphin Reef Price List:

Entrance Fee (to the beach):  Adult:  64NIS; Child 44NIS.  There are special rates for students, handicapped and groups.  Advance booking for snorkeling and diving with dolphins and the relation pools grants entrance free of charge.

Snorkeling with dolphins:  290NIS

Diving with dolphins:  339NIS

For further information & reservation calls:  +97286300111. Prices subject to change.


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